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2020 Vol.11, Issue 4

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December 2020. pp. 192-208
Green remodeling is becoming popular as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the existing building stock and improves the quality of the indoor environment. South Korean government is encouraging this trend by introducing green remodeling policies and incentives. To achieve successful implementations of green remodeling approaches, smooth cooperation among the various participants (i.e., design companies, construction companies, and consulting companies), with everyone understanding each requirement and what is expected of them, as well as support policies that take into account the characteristics of each participant are needed. Thus, this study aimed to examine the major drivers and barriers of green remodeling projects in South Korea for the main project participants. To achieve the research objectives, this study employed a questionnaire survey aimed at experienced practitioners. The survey results were analyzed by exploratory factor analysis and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). As a result, four main drivers for the activation of green remodeling projects were identified: (1) environmental impacts, (2) social factors, (3) economic effects, and (4) occupants’ satisfaction. There were five barriers: (1) lack of technology, (2) uncertainty, (3) lack of social acceptability, (4) economic feasibility, and (5) government policies. Design and construction companies regarded occupants’ satisfaction as the most important driver factor while consulting companies thought social factors were the most important. For the barrier factors, all the participant groups considered economic feasibility to be the most important. These results can theoretically support the idea that adequate regulations, standards, and supporting policies are needed to promote green remodeling projects. Identifying the targets and main concerns of project participants will help boost technical development, promote collaboration, and establish effective processes. Municipalities interested in promoting green remodeling projects will find this study useful.
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  • Publisher :Sustainable Building Research Center (ERC) Innovative Durable Building and Infrastructure Research Center
  • Publisher(Ko) :건설구조물 내구성혁신 연구센터
  • Journal Title :International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development
  • Volume : 11
  • No :4
  • Pages :192-208
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